Cats In Islam - Love Thy Cat with All Thy Heart

Love Thy Cat - Cats in IslamI love cats and the love for this cute animal started when I was only 4 years old when my sister brought me a new kitten, barely a month old, that she found. Her name was 'Sonia', and the one pictured here, her name is also Sonia.

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Sadaqa Jariya - Perpetual Charity

Give Sadaqa Jariya (Perpetual Charity)Sadaqa Jariya is a Sadaqa (Charity) that when it is given (there are various forms of Sadaqa Jariya), its rewards will still be accumulated even after our death and while we are in the grave.

And in Judgment day, Insha-Allah, Allah (SWT) will show us the true rewards of that sadaqa (or sadaqat in plurial) we gave which will, Insha-Allah (by the will of Allah (SWT), be a door opener for us, the door of Jenna.

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Life in the Grave

Your life in the grave can be of Peace, or of Punishment

Life In The Grave according to Islam

As-Salamou Alaikoum Brothers, Sisters and Guests! Today Insha-Allah, I will be talking about 'Life In The Grave' and the reason I chose 'The Trials Of The Grave' as a topic today is to remind you, and myself that death is a certainty that no one can escape, and with it, begins a period of peace and pleasures, or of punishment.

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Religious, civic leader leaves great legacy as he steps down

Elsayed Elmarzouky departs his longtime post as president of the Islamic Center of Reading. His philanthropic and interfaith work has been nothing short of remarkable.

Elsayed Elmarzouky leaves a great legacy for the Islamic Center of Reading, PAIt would have been hard to blame Elsayed Elmarzouky if he had shied away from the spotlight during the many difficult times the local Muslim community has faced since he founded the Islamic Center of Reading in the late 1990s.

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