ICORPA's Community Picnic

Annual Islamic Community Picnic

The Islamic Center of Reading, PA holds an Islamic Community Picnic every year. The event is usualy scheduled either before or after the month of Ramadan. The actual date of the yearly Islamic Community Picnic event is posted on our website a month or so before the event.

As far as the time and place of the event, it usualy starts at 1:00pm and last till 7:00pm. The event is held at the Exeter Township Community Park, Reading, PA 19606.

Please take the time to Register if you would like to be informed of our yearly Islamic Community Picnic! Please note that your information remains private and is solely used for internal purposes and to inform you of any new events and activities held by the Islamic Center of Reading, PA. Your email is not shared nor given to anyone!

Call us at 610.478.1338 for more info!


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